What issues do millennials care about?

Ask 100 millennials what issue they care most about, and they likely won’t say the same thing.

In fact, this generation’s passions run deep and wide. But as a whole, they do find common ground in many causes.

When it comes to politics, recent national polls have indicated millennials often care most about the same issues other generations do: No. 1 being the economy (jobs, minimum wage, paid leave), according to a USA Today/Rock the Vote poll.

Money is so much on their mind that college affordability and student debt was the second most popular answer. Other top issues include foreign policy and terrorism, health care, guns and climate change, according to the poll.

We wanted to get a better idea of their range in issues ourselves, so we asked more than 100 millennials across the country: What issue is most important to you?

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Criminal Justice
Climate Change
Health Care
Government Accountability

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